Board & Management

Board & Management

The Minister for the Department of Natural Resources & Mines is responsible for the appointment of board directors and their general direction, control and operations. The Government sets the policy framework, which is communicated via the Minister and State Government departments. All boards are responsible for setting a broad strategic framework, business targets and operational controls. These must comply with Government requirements and where practicable achieve best business practice. The Board must ensure that they operate within these parameters, and should seek assurance from the Board's Manager that the Board is operating in a culture of compliance, performance and making suitable progress towards achieving the Board's objectives.    

Board Directors

LBW is headed by a Board that will comprise of seven (7) directors, four (4) directors are elected by ratepayers, two (2) are nominated by the sugar miller and one (1) is nominated by the Burdekin Shire Council. Each director is appointed for a term of 3 years starting on the day stated in the directors instrument of appointment. Monthly Board Meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month and any ratepayers requesting representation to the Board should contact the office prior to the meeting.    

Board Members

Michael Caspanello (Chairman)
Michael is a ratepayer elected Director and is the Chairman of Lower Burdekin Water. Michael served as the Deputy Chairman of the South Burdekin Water Board for 8 years until 2013, when the serving Chairman retired and Michael was elected as the Chairman. Michael has served on the Board since 2005. Michael is a third generation farmer in the Southern Division of the authority area.  
Constantine Christofides (Deputy Chairman)
Constantine (Con) is a ratepayer elected Director on the Board of Lower Burdekin Water, and has been on the Board since 2010.  
Tracey Garzotto
Tracey is a representative of Wilmar Sugar Australia Ltd (the sugar milling entity) and commenced her current term on the Board in 2007. Tracey has an extensive background in Accounting and is a Senior Finance Officer at Wilmar Sugar.  
Peter Larsen
Peter is a representative of Wilmar Sugar Australia Ltd and has served on the Water Board since 2013. Peter is responsible for agriculture productivity across all Wilmar Sugar growing areas. Peter is also a member of the Burdekin Productivity Services Board.  
Cr Sue Perry
Sue is the community representative on the Board of Lower Burdekin Water - a position that is elected by the Council. Sue joined the Board in 2017.  
Mark Castelanelli
Mark is a ratepayer elected Director for Lower Burdekin Water and has been a Northern Division ratepayer representative on the Board since 1992. Prior to being a ratepayer elected Director, Mark was also a community representative. Mark brings significant sugar cane farming experience and a vast knowledge of the Northern Division area to the Board.  
Murray Cannavan
Murray is a ratepayer elected Director for Lower Burdekin Water and has served on the Board since 2010. Murray is a third generation farmer in the Southern Division.    

Management Staff

Executive Officer - David Sartori
David commenced employment with Lower Burdekin Water in June, 2012.  David completed his degree in mechanical engineering at the Queensland University of Technology and has held previous positions in project and shutdown management, reliability engineering, contract and risk management.  
Operations Manager (Northern Division) - Peter Piotto
Peter started working with the organisation in September, 2013 after leaving his role with Sunwater in Clare. Peter held various positions which included Technical Officer, Operations Manager, Renewals Co-ordinator and Maintenance Co-ordinator, during his 24 year employment with Sunwater. Peter also has formal qualifications in drafting.  
Operations Manager (Southern Division) - Charles Papale
Charles (Charlie) started work with the South Burdekin Water Board in January, 1989 as a Water Officer. Charlie is a qualified fitter and turner, who previously worked for local engineering businesses. Charlie is also a second generation sugar cane farmer within the Southern Division.  
Finance Officer - Elliott Gullotta
Elliott commenced employment with Lower Burdekin Water in October, 2010 as the Finance Officer. Elliott graduated JCU in 2006 with a double degree in Accounting and Business Management.  
Technical Officer - Brendan Farr
Brendan commenced employment with LBW on the 23rd July 2016 as the Technical Water Officer. Brendan’s role includes collection, management and analysis of water, licensing and geospatial data as well as continuing work on the mapping of the salt water interface and groundwater within the authority area. Brendan comes to LBW from the Townsville City Council and has previously worked for the North Burdekin Water Board.