Diversion Areas

With the dominance of water usage comprising irrigation and replenishment activities, LBW is responsible for delivering water services to ratepayers within the Authority Area. Northern Division The Northern Division area covers 48,980 hectares and is serviced by two major creek systems: Plantation Creek and Sheepstation Creek. Throughout the entire Northern Division area the are the following diversions:
        • Airdmillan
        • Kilrie Gully
        • Klondyke-LIlliesmere
        • McAllisters
        • Lilliesmere
        • Lochinvar
        • Plantation Creek
        • Red Lily
        • Rita Island
        • Scarcia
        • Sheepstation Creek
Southern Division The Southern Division Area covers 27,450 hectares and is divided into three major systems: Warrens Gully, McDowell's and Down River. These three systems consist of ten distribution areas, locally known as:
        • Alma
        • Central/McDowells
        • Down River
        • Fords
        • Iyah
        • Lakes
        • Mathers
        • Munros
        • Sandy Gully
        • Warrens Gully

Open Water

Customers with Board approval to pump open water from channels/lagoons supplemented by LBW replenishment activities within the authority area, shall comply with conditions of application agreement and the schedule of terms applicable to the licence/permit application. Open water irrigation customers require Board approval to connect to the LBW surface water system and flow meters shall be fitted to the required specifications at cost to the user. LBW endeavours to maintain adequate open water levels to supply authorised customers in accordance with agreement conditions. This supply commitment depends entirely on customers placing accurate water orders for access to available water from the distribution supply system.